autonomous feedback

Self Service feedback system

Learn from people's lived experiences, fix broken processes, and improve outcomes. With Pulse For Good's automated feedback system, you get the power of a compassionate listening engine, AI-powered sentiment analysis, and self-service kiosks so you can see what's happening in your organization through the eyes of those you serve.

Meet your improvement toolset

the features that power the world's most compassionate feedback system

Real-Time LIVEd Experience

Feedback from the people that know your organization best

Drive real impact and enhance outcomes by utilizing feedback to improve your organization. Keep your input fresh by
constantly gathering feedback from people currently
experiencing the issues you address.

The Pulse For Good dashboard showing sentiment and emotion analysis
A standing feedback kiosk

Psychological safety - automateD

Candid feedback to improve your services

Utilize self-service kiosks to ensure you provide a safe and anonymous place for your clients, volunteers, and staff to share how they feel about your organization.

"How honest is the feedback about the services likely to be when the service provider conducts the survey, watching as you answer questions on a written form?"

Filtering and reports

Know if you are treating everyone the same

Uncover the issues you have serving minority groups. Filter your data by various demographics to ensure that no person has a negative experience because of their race, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

A laptop displaying the Pulse For Good dashboard
A computer, iPad and iPhone showing the Pulse system running on each

Language & DEvice Support

Let people give feedback in their preferred way, and in the language, they are most comfortable

With support for online, toll-free phone, and kiosk-based surveys plus a powerful translation engine you can be sure that everyone will have a chance to give feedback.

Closing the Vulnerability Gap

You know that vulnerable individuals require unique care, but did you know they also require
specialized feedback systems? The fear of retribution can keep people from sharing the things you need to improve your organization. The difference between what they are willing to share and  how they really feel is called the Vulnerability Gap.


A system designed with your busy job in mind



Out of the box
Printable Reports

Automated email notifications

Pulse Surveys

24/7 Kiosk

INDustry Standard
Survey Tempaltes

Toll-Free Phone

Weekly Email

Offline Data

With you every step of the way

Building a quality experience program in an organization is a full-time job. But everyone in your organization has already got two or three of those. Never fear, when you partner with Pulse For Good you’re not only getting years of expertise in gathering feedback from vulnerable individuals but also years of navigating the complex demands that come from using feedback to improve human services.

INdustry Expertise

The work you do is complex and full of special challenges. You need a partner that understands not only what you do but why you do it. When implementing a feedback system, it can be tempting to reuse the simple tools made for organizations solving simple problems. But you know that nothing in your work is simple. You need tools designed in collaboration with people who are experiencing the same thing your client's experience. Tool that leverage an understanding of vulnerability to help ensure that every person feels safe enough to share how they really feel.

A man holding a sign saying help
a group of people on phones

A feedback Pit Crew

Building an effective feedback process in your organization can be a daunting endeavor during the best of times. When was the last time it was the best of times? Yeah - we get that. We're here to help you succeed and build stronger organizational listening skills in the midst of chaos so while other organizations wait for the right time to start listening you'll be using your culture of feedback to improve outcomes and increase your funding.

Awesome Training and Support

Starting any new project can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, the process of getting you up and running with Pulse For Good's feedback system is straightforward. With detailed support documentation, online training resources, and live training sessions,, we do all we can to ensure you and your team are prepared to succeed in your feedback journey. But that is not all. Did you forget (or didn't pay attention) during the training? No worries, use our online training videos or schedule another live training session (heck, schedule 5) - until you feel comfortable using the system to its fullest potential.

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a trophy

Award-Winning Product

It feels like every company has to have a place where they share that their customer service, product, or team is 'award-winning '... well, ours really is. Ask us to show you the hardware, and we'll grab one of the paperweight trophies in our office that no one has looked at in ages. The truth is the only award that matters is when we talk to you and your team at a conference, training session, or in-person visit and hear someone say: "Pulse is awesome."