A depiction of the feedback loop including the steps ask, collect, analyze, implement and notify.

Put your feedback system on autopilot

Let Pulse power your feedback loop by using our best in class survey tooling and self-service kiosks to gather results you can act on today. Stop waiting months to see a return when the right piece of feedback you gather tomorrow can change your organization forever.

Build trust with your clients, staff, and volunteers by actively listening and responding to concerns.   Individuals can report issues confidently and privately, helping your organization investigate and take action. Close your feedback loop using tried and true methods without needing to tax your already overbooked staff.

HEre’s how it works:

1. Install your kiosk

Spend 15 minutes mounting your kiosk on a wall, connect it to the internet, and start getting a constant flow of feedback.

2. Gather anonymous

Collecting feedback anonymously removes the fear of retaliation, judgment, or mistreatment, leading to more honest and accurate feedback

3. Analyize your data

Use powerful filtering and automated categorization tools to find ways to improve and track your organization's reputation amongst the people you serve.

4. Take Action

Utilize feedback to make improvements. Share your actions with your clients, volunteers, and staff to close your feedback loop.

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It’s time to upgrade your organization's listening.