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Blake Kohler

Pulse For Good 2022 Q3 Release Notes

Somehow we're nearly into the fourth quarter of 2022, and a lot has been happening behind the scenes of the Pulse For Good application. We wanted to give you a brief update on the new features added to the Pulse application and a quick glimpse into what we're working on for the future.

AI for Good:

Over the last few months, we've been working on adding an engine to utilize the power of AI and machine learning to apply natural language processing to survey results. This engine will allow us to classify results automatically. While this engine will not be perfect at the beginning, it is continually training to improve its power and handle more and more of the subtleties of the language used by your clientele. This automatic process has been applied in three distinct areas detailed below:

Sentiment Analysis

Every text response captured by the system will now undergo analysis to help determine if the comment is positive, neutral, or negative. You can utilize a new filter on each free text response to see only the results you care about.

Emotion Detection

Along with determining a comment's overall sentiment, we tag each response with its prevailing emotion. These will be seen as emojis next to responses and can be filtered using the new text response filters on the dashboard. Seeing 'Sad,' 'Angry,' 'Happy,' and 'Disgust' responses can help you determine your organization's pain points.

Suggestion Detection

Finding the diamond comment amid hundreds of pieces of feedback can be problematic when you get a lot of responses. Now we will automatically tag 'Suggestions' that people supply so you can find actionable feedback more efficiently.

Spam Detection

Who hasn't gotten someone who loves entering junk into your kiosk? Well, never fear; along with our always-running spam detection, we've added another layer that captures spam text responses and removes them from your data set. These responses can still be viewed using filters in your dashboard just in case a legitimate answer is accidentally pushed into your spam.

Word Cloud Analysis

Along with the improvements in categorizing your text responses, we've added a new way to view and analyze your feedback - Word Clouds!

These Word clouds are a particular type of chart that show you the most commonly used words or phrases in your feedback in larger font compared to the smaller font of less commonly used ones.

These can be particularly valuable when trying to find patterns or trends in the feedback you are reviewing.

Eye Catching Animations

To increase the number of people we can reach, we've added some simple animations that will play on the kiosk after five minutes of inactivity. These will hopefully catch the eye of people passing by and invite them to share their feedback with your organization.

What's coming in the future?

In the next few quarters, we plan on tackling adding a few different and often requested features to the application - these include:

  • Action Plans and Goal Tracking
  • Saving and comparing filters
  • Quarterly Email Reports

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