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My kiosk keeps going offline - what do I do?

Your kiosk going offline can be an incredibly frustrating thing. Happily, we're here to help. If you have the owner or support role on your dashboard, you will get emails letting you know that your kiosk is offline.

If your kiosk still has power and the application is still appearing on the tablet screen, your responses are saved on the kiosk and will be uploaded once your kiosk reattains a connection to the dashboard.

Check the kiosk has power and the power cord is secured.

The first thing to check is to make sure your kiosk is still powered on and that the power cord is secured and cannot be removed by clients. We included a secured outlet cover in the install package, and it should be used to make sure that the tablet charger cannot be unplugged.

If your kiosk has lost power for a long enough, the tablet will die and need to be recharged. Once it has enough power to turn back on, you'll need to relaunch the Pulse application and put it back into guided access mode.

Make sure it's in kiosk mode.

If your kiosk isn't in kiosk mode, your clients might have access to other tablet features that will cause your kiosk to go offline.

Our app automatically enters kiosk mode when its opened. However if it doesn't, please contact us at for help.

A quick tip, after putting it in guided access, you can test it by pressing the home button, if the survey closes its not guided access mode.

Need to exit the app see how here: Exiting Pulse Kiosk App

Does the kiosk have internet access?

Looking in the top right-hand corner of your tablet will show if it is connected via WIFI and what it's cellular signal strength is. If you do not have a strong enough cellular signal, you will need to connect the device to WIFI.

To connect the device to WIFI, take the tablet out of guided access mode, and navigate to the settings application. Select Wifi from the list and connect to your facilities WIFI.

Relaunch the Pulse application and put your tablet back into guided access mode by triple-clicking the home button.

Still, having issues?

Contact the Pulse for Good team at, and we will work with you to either reset your hardware or send you a replacement.