Help with your dashboard
Getting Started

How do I give someone access to my organization's dashboard?

  1. Navigate to the dashboard that you'd like to give access to.
  2. In the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, click on the add user icon with the plus sign next to it. user add button
  3. The manage users modal will appear
  4. Click the add user button to launch the Add User modal
  5. Add the individual's email 
  6. Select the appropriate role
  • What do the roles do?
  • Owner - can manage anyones role, add users, and assign others to be owners.
  • Admin - can manage support and viewer roles, add users, and assign users support or viewer roles.
  • Support - cannot manage roles. Receives support notifications e.g. kiosk offline emails.
  • Viewer - cannot manage roles.
  1. Press Ok to save