Red Flags to Keep in Mind When Hiring Candidates: Don't Make These Mistakes!

Blake Kohler

Red flags that hiring managers should watch out for when interviewing job candidates.

Hiring new employees can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many applicants for a single position. While some job seekers may look perfect on paper, it's important to keep an eye out for red flags during the interview process. Here are 10 red flags that hiring managers should be aware of:

  1. Mistakes on their resume: Check for any errors in the candidate's written communication skills, including language, grammar, spelling, and formatting, as this can reflect what you can expect from their future emails, reports, and memos.
  2. Troubling online presence: Check the candidate's online presence, as it can reveal a lot about their integrity and behavior. Look out for any questionable content that contradicts their resume.
  3. Arriving at the interview late: While it may not be a deal-breaker, arriving late can indicate poor self-management skills and a lack of consideration towards the interviewer(s).
  4. Poor-mouthing previous employers or bosses: This red flag can reveal a lack of responsibility and inability to get along with others. If the candidate has negative feelings towards their past employers, there's a chance they'll feel the same towards you.
  5. A record of job-hopping, inconsistent career path, or long gaps in employment: Watch out for employees who haven't been consistently employed, have jumped around to different fields, or who have long breaks in their job history. This may indicate that the candidate won't stick around long term.
  6. Lack of coherent responses to interview questions: If you feel like you're not getting specific answers, ask follow-up probing questions until you get the specificity you need.
  7. Lack of references: Any viable job candidate should be able to provide credible and supportive references. If the candidate refuses to furnish any references or you can't contact the references they supplied, it's a major red flag.
  8. Lying: If you detect any dishonesty in a candidate's representation of themselves, it should be considered a dealbreaker.
  9. Multiple resumes or applications: Finding a candidate who has applied for multiple positions at your organization can be taken two ways. They may be passionate about your company and willing to work any job, or they may be desperate and unqualified.
  10. Unwillingness to express weakness or failings: If a candidate won't admit to any weaknesses, they may be unprepared or dangerously confident.

It's important to keep these red flags in mind during the hiring process, as they can indicate potential problems down the line. By being aware of these warning signs, hiring managers can ensure they're making the right choice for their organization.

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