2024 Q2 Release Notes: Introducing Saved Filters

Blake Kohler

We are excited to announce a powerful new feature for the Pulse For Good system: Saved Filters.

We are excited to announce a powerful new feature for the Pulse For Good system: Saved Filters. This enhancement streamlines the process of filtering by demographic questions, providing a clearer view of how each individual demographic group feels about your organization. With Saved Filters, you can effortlessly identify areas for improvement and populations that may be underserved.

Key Features:

  • Save Filters for Easy Access: You can now save filters directly to your dashboard. These filters will display in comparison to your normal scores or any other applied filters, simplifying the comparison process.
  • Customizable Filters: Saved filters can include any selected demographics and any timeframe. For example, you can create a filter that shows scores without any demographics selected for the last quarter or the last year. Another example could be a filter showing how those who self-identify as Black or African American rate your organization.
  • Dynamic Date Filtering: If a date is not saved as part of your filter, it will use the current dates you are viewing your data by.
  • Personal and Global Filters: Choose to save filters as personal, making them visible only to you, or global, allowing anyone viewing the survey dashboard to see them.
  • Applicability Across Dashboards: You can save filters on either individual survey dashboards or group survey dashboards, enhancing flexibility and usability.

You can now save filters to appear on your dashboard!


  • A filter showing scores for the last quarter without any demographic selection.
  • A filter displaying how a specific demographic, such as Black or African American respondents, rate your organization.
  • Filters for specific demographics over specific dates to track how feelings change over time.

This new feature aims to make data analysis more efficient, allowing you to focus on improving your services and better serving all demographic groups.

We hope you find this new feature valuable and that it enhances your experience with Pulse For Good.

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