Collect feedback from volunteers - automatically.

Gain immediate insight into your volunteers satisfaction

Gathering volunteer feedback is hard in the best of situations. Knowing how your volunteers are feeling can be the difference between volunteers returning (and giving) and those who never return. Today's challenges amplify the need for a safe way for volunteers to share how they feel without the embarrassment that comes with critiquing your processes.

Having focused our entire solution on gathering feedback from groups who are reluctant to share feedback, we understand the complexity of collecting feedback from this diverse group.

The Pulse solution captures volunteer feedback without effort on your part. It transforms feedback into actionable data to improve the volunteer experience. The data dashboard also gives you an easy way to share what your teams are doing with the board or other funders, allowing your organization to improve your service and provide better experiences for both clients and volunteers.

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Beyond their means

How one organization understood the value of volunteers and invested in them.

For many service providers — funding tight, resources stretched, and staff pushed — volunteers are the lifeline of their organization. They allow these organizations to go beyond their means and try new and innovative approaches while making sure that current needs are met.

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Increase volunteer engagement

  • Engage volunteer on their terms
  • Receive 3 - 5 Submissions daily
  • Learn what is working
  • Resolve unseen concerns
  • Uncover new solutions

Save time and money

  • Save staff hours
  • Eliminate data entry
  • Aggregate responses in real time
  • Visualize and filter data
  • Monitor trends

Enhance funding discussions

  • Share volunteer concerns
  • Bring real data to discussions
  • Track key indicators
  • Meet reporting requirements
  • Highlight your strengths
Build a culture of listening - Automatically
Brittany Moulton
Engagement Coordinator
"..allows us to really make the changes to make sure that people have a positive experience.."
Melissa Edgeworth
Director of Admin Services - Valley Behavioral Health
"If you need to gather satisifaction surveys the Pulse kiosks are the way to go."
Jule Rael
CCO- Valley Behavioral Health
"(Pulse) creates a safe environment, gets in time data, and cuts out extra administrative time."