Automated feedback for Homeless Service providers

Get the feedback you need to improve outcomes

When you talk to someone who is experiencing homelessness, a pattern emerges: People pass them by, avoid eye contact, cross the street not to have to walk by them and do anything they can to avoid thinking about their plight. They are invisible.

Sadly, individuals experiencing homelessness often convey that they experience the same thing when visiting service providers that are attempting to serve them. They can feel disregarded, neglected, and overly scrutinized.

Service providers have learned that engaging, involving, and listening to these individuals breaks the pattern of dehumanization.

Client feedback kiosks are an excellent way for individuals to feel valued and heard. They bring the needs of an individual into focus with striking clarity. They foster a culture of listening and build provider/client trust.

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Individual in the wheelchair taking a survey
Things Change When Providers Gather Feedback From Homeless People They Serve

Getting customer feedback is so axiomatic that we scarcely have any interactions with a business without being invited to take a survey. Even after using the bathroom! Who hasn’t seen an instant satisfaction survey in a restroom position for you to choose one of three faces matching your satisfaction with the experience?

In the homeless services arena, feedback isn’t always sought. When it is, it often is done by the staff. How honest is the feedback about the services likely to be when the service provider conducts the survey, watching as you answer questions on a written form?

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Increase client engagement

  • Engage clients on their terms
  • Receive 3 - 5 Submissions daily
  • Learn what is working
  • Resolve unseen concerns
  • Uncover new solutions

Save time and money

  • Reduce staff hours
  • Eliminate data entry
  • Aggregate responses
  • Visualize real time data
  • Compare trends

Enhance funding discussions

  • Share client concerns
  • Use reports in discussions
  • Track key indicators
  • Meet reporting requirements
Build a culture of listening-Automatically
Pulse customer Matt
Matt Melville
Director of Homeless Services
"Getting daily responses from our guest using services gives us a snapshot into their lives."
Pulse customer Melissa
Melissa Edgeworth
Director of Admin Services - Valley Behavioral Health
"If you need to gather satisifaction surveys the Pulse kiosks are the way to go."
Pulse customer Julie
Jule Rael
CCO- Valley Behavioral Health
"(Pulse) creates a safe environment, gets in time data, and cuts out extra administrative time."