Get feedback from vulnerable students - Automatically

Provide a safe space for students to share how they really feel

Some of the world's most vulnerable individuals are students. Students are dealing with anxiety, depression, drug abuse, food or housing insecurity on top of homework, and the other challenges that come with being a student at and institution of higher education.

Students receive hundreds of emails every day, including numerous emails from your university asking for feedback, that remain unopened. Vulnerable students are reluctant to provide feedback via email with their lack of anonymity. Getting an honest answer in this situation is nearly impossible.

For those students to share how they feel, they need the psychological safety that comes with being anonymous. Pulse feedback kiosks allow for a convenient way for students to provide feedback while protecting their identity.

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What happens when you are afraid to give your honest opinion?

What happens when you are afraid to give your honest opinion? The fear that is introduced creates a new class of people. Empowered individuals become vulnerable individuals. Empowered individuals give feedback that is honest, actionable and often negative.

Vulnerable individuals share feedback that is often calculated, reserved and often overly positive. When you fear retribution for your feedback the quality of the feedback drops dramatically.

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Increase student engagement

  • Engage student on their terms
  • Receive 3 - 5 Submissions daily
  • Learn what is working
  • Resolve unseen concerns
  • Uncover new solutions

Save time and money

  • Reduce staff hours
  • Eliminate data entry
  • Aggregate responses
  • Visualize real time data
  • Compare trends

Automatic compliance

  • Follows prevailing institutional policies
  • Data not personally identifiable
  • Data collected for operational purposes
  • Compliant with all fed/state laws
Make listening your universities super power
Mitchell Colver - Student Analytics expert
Mitchell Colver
Founding Manager of the Center for Student Analytics - Utah State University
"Vulnerable populations do not respond to email, even in universities. Our email open rates at USU for emails sent to a general population hover around 55%. Those 45% who don’t open emails tend to be the students we are most concerned about, who are most vulnerable academically or who are most in distress. That distress is reflected in our data. So, an onsite kiosk is going to provide one more point of contact for authentic feedback."